Things that make me giggle

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a recent list of photo’s that just make me giggle EVERY time.  Enjoy!

IMG_1826 Still a little unclear what’s happening here Chip…..


IMG_2745Our milk cow Yvonne absolutely REFUSING to cross over a tiny little bridge.  It was one of the best tug-of-wars that I have ever seen.

IMG_2784 IMG_2785Our new little bottle calf Bucky…. named for obvious reasons.  She’s knocked kneed and has a mouthful of teeth, just like me.


Get’s me every time, I tell ya!



IMG_2914 IMG_2915Well I just can’t deny it. My new haircut bares an uncanny resembles the 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul……… not exactly what I was going for.


IMG_2953Alright people. ALL oats are gluten free, no matter what shape or form.  Always have and always will be.


IMG_3163Chip is just one funny guy, huh?

IMG_3178 IMG_3179My nephews Jace and Wade taking a break from being two very hard working men.  Penny the Pony – totally unimpressed.

IMG_3180Exactly one day apart from each other, Chip and I each get into a little fender bender on the same side.  Mine involved an apple tree that jumped out in front of me, and his involved a service truck that jumped out at him.  He’s always trying to one up me.


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