Where did summer go?

Latest happenings around here…


My Dad grew a field of sunflowers for oil seed this year.  Absolutely beautiful!

Here they are, just about to open up!



My Dad and I, a week later in the blooming field.

IMG_1406 IMG_1365

 Betsy and Chip have been diligently managing the vineyard, making their rounds every morning. She lives for the Ranger.


Taking a break to escape the three straight weeks of over 100 degree weather we had this year. It was a hot one!

IMG_1380Helping me weed my ridiculously big garden…

IMG_1399 IMG_1689 IMG_1691Chip and our Nephew Jack taste testing peppers and carrots in the garden.


Cookie had the sweetest little heifer calf



Chip and I took a quick road trip before things got really crazy.  We drove through a tiny sliver of Yellowstone park, then over to Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

IMG_1495 IMG_1644 IMG_1661 IMG_1574Then straight into apple harvest just as soon as we got back!

Let the fun begin…


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