Farmerized – 1st edition

My Husband and Father never cease to amaze me how they choose to jimmy-rig things together… but hey! Ya gotta do what you gotta do, right?

IMG_0252Gotta haul a couple soft bales? No prob.  Just stack ’em and strap ’em in a very precarious way.  It’ll ride.IMG_0928Need to haul more than four people in a ranger?  No prob.  Just slap an old pickup seat in the bed with a couple bolts.  It’ll ride.  IMG_1227Need to get going, but hungry at the same time?  No prob.  Grab last nights dinner in the pot and hit the road.  IMG_1321Need to clean your pickup out, but can’t bother with Armor All and a shop towel?  No prob.  Grab the air hose and go to town.IMG_1947Need to work on the underside of a 5,000 lb tractor? No prob.  Hastily chain it up to the forklift and crawl underneath. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.IMG_3164Need to hook up your trailer brakes in a hurry?  No prob.  Grab some twine an get goin’.  IMG_3177Need to water your garden with filthy dirty ditch water that keeps plugging up your system?  No prob.  Hook up your old pool filter and turn that sucker on! IMG_3192Want to listen to the radio inside your shop but can’t get any reception? No prob.  Grab a wire nut and some old wire and crank up the tunes!IMG_3322Need to take a vacation, but just can’t seem to get away? No prob.  Grab a beer and your miniature sail boat and enjoy the breeze.

*Special thanks to Chip Dobson and Steve Detering for these mighty fine examples of farmerizing.


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