2014 Year In Review

Well we survived the Holidays!  Had a terrible time in Hawaii over Christmas…. the sun and sand where just horrible!  Now it’s back to the grindstone, even though it’s February, it sure feels like spring has sprung.

Here are a few photos of the best moments of:



 IMG_1078Betsy and Ranger sun bathing in the warm January sun.

IMG_1139Chip, our nephew Brayden (6) and Roy doing the morning chores.

IMG_1387We saw a wolf by my Sister’s house 15 miles East of Othello! What!!!!!!

IMG_1192Chip said that if we were going to have a garden, he wanted to farm it with a tractor.  This was the last time a tractor entered the garden all year…..

IMG_1230IMG_1690IMG_1464We milked my sister’s milk goat for a week while she was gone…… Betsy is a huge fan of goat’s milk.

IMG_1463Notice my sister’s milking equipment?

IMG_1405My Dad grew a beautiful field of sunflowers for oil seed.

IMG_1401IMG_1366Honey bees at work.  Sunflower honey is delicous! IMG_1431For Chip’s 29th birthday, I made him an apple pie.  First one ever!  Chip married me for my looks, not for my cooking or baking skills

IMG_1501Went on a quick road trip before harvest.  Always wanted to go to a drive-thru wildlife park.  Found one in Rexburg ID.

IMG_1567Almost watched someone get mauled by a bear!  But it turns out, they’re pretty good buddies.IMG_1571IMG_1573Craters of the Moon in Idaho was AMAZING!IMG_1574IMG_1606IMG_1237TWINS! Chip was on babysitting detail for a few minutes while these boys  guzzle down their goat’s milk (don’t get any big ideas – they are my nephews.)

IMG_1682Apple Harvest.   2014 was a record apple harvest for Washington State.  Look at these beautiful Galas.IMG_1683IMG_1686IMG_1749Grape harvest 2014.  Last truck of the year.  Thanks for all your hard work guys!IMG_1751IMG_1777My sister, Sandee with one of the twins, Jace.  She’s an amazing woman!  IMG_1773IMG_1789Jace and Wade (1.5) helping pick Semillon.  One of their faves.IMG_1780One of my favorite pictures.  His brother, Wade, is in the tractor disking with my Dad, and Jace isn’t about to miss his turn.IMG_1781IMG_1782IMG_1767IMG_1799

What a ham.

IMG_1809Our nephew, Jack (5) giving Uncle Chip a ride.IMG_1810Swathing Buckwheat.

IMG_1862You know you live in a small town when you can drive your tractor into town and though a round-a-bout.  Don’t mind me!

IMG_1858IMG_1903Made some apple cider with my good friend Alexis and her family.IMG_1913Had a ping-pong tournament in the shop for Thanksgiving. IMG_2346I made my my niece, Alex (9) a belt for Christmas.  She has been rodeoing non-stop in North Dakota.  Anything from barrel racing to goat tying, she can do it!

IMG_2347I attached her Great-Grandma’s belt buckle from Arizona.

IMG_1947This is why women live longer than men. Didn’t we just have a safety meeting?IMG_1962Christmas 2014!  We had a couple of good friends invite us to Hawaii with them! IMG_1989Did some 65 ft cliff diving.  I landed wrong and bruised my rear-end black and blue the third day of our trip.

IMG_2028IMG_2134Our good friends, Courtney and Lauryn Hirai.  Thanks for putting up with us guys!

IMG_2135Pearl Harbor was incredible.  If you haven’t read the book “Unbroken” yet, or at least seen the movie, it’s a must.  One of the MOST amazing stories of Louis Zamperini and his experience in WWII.


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