RVI Family Pictures

Well somebody thought it was a good idea to take some pictures in the vineyard…… and it wasn’t mine.

I just love, love, love taking pictures, and Chip had been up all night and day picking and fixing harvesters….

So we were off to a great start.

rvi_011So here is Chip and I…….

rvi_028Chip and his dad, Roy… (do you think they might be related?)


rvi_043The whole crew….

That’s my, “Hmm….. so good” face!

I sure know how to ruin good pictures.

rvi_051A gorgeous view at the top of the vineyard looking south, and onto Rattlesnake Ridge.

rvi_055Roy and Sharon…


rvi_058We honestly didn’t plan to match hats, shirts, and poses here….

but we did – and it’s hilarious!

Great minds think alike – Right?

Thanks so much Staci for putting up with us – she deserves a medal!


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