Happy Veterans Day!

My awesome Dad served in the Vietman War in 1971, at the ripe ol’ age of 20 years old.  He signed up to be a mechanic in the Army and was the very last draft to be sent over.  He has a huge photo album of his time in Vietnam, and I always liked looking though it as a kid and even now. He never had too many stories to tell, and I never wanted to pry, so I let the pictures in his album do the talking.

Last week a package came in the mail address to my Dad, but was sent to our old address when we lived in town 20 years ago.  My Dad knows the nice lady in the post office, and she noticed the incorrect address.  She took the package home and gave it to her husband (whom my Dad knows), with the instructions to deliver it, not even knowing what was inside.

Well what was inside was an amazing gesture of generosity, gratitude and grace! (Say that three times fast)





Now I want to make a Thank You quilt and send it to these two ladies! Even though I can’t craft or quilt at all!

What a remarkable and gracious thing to do!

And if that don’t make ya feel patriotic, then I don’t know what will!

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